Am Mittwoch wurde Patch 2.6.7 für Diablo 3 veröffentlicht, jedoch gibt es noch einige Probleme mit dem neuen Update. Das ist auch der Grund, warum die 19. Saison erst in der kommenden Woche am Freitag, den 22. November startet. Die Entwickler wollen nämlich vor dem Start der neuen Saison alle Probleme beheben und einen neuen Balance-Patch veröffentlichen.

Community Managerin Nevalistis hat in einem Bluepost bestätigt, dass die Entwickler aktuell an einem kleineren Patch arbeiten, welcher vermutlich in der kommenden Woche veröffentlicht wird - ehe am Freitag dann die neue Saison startet. Außerdem haben sich die Entwickler dazu entschieden nach dem Aufspielen des Balance-Patches die Ära erneut zu resetten. Folgend nochmal alle wichtigen Infos und welche Anpassungen die Entwickler planen.

Mehr zu Patch 2.6.7:

Wichtige Themen aus dem Bluepost

  • "Bazooka Wiz" funktioniert aktuell nicht wie von den Entwicklern gewollt, allerdings brauchen sie mehr Zeit, um den Fehler zu beheben. Deswegen wird dieses Problem nicht vor Saison 19 behoben, sondern erst danach.
  • Die Entwickler behalten "Blighter" im Auge und nehmen weitere Anpassungen vor, falls es nötig ist.
  • Der Balance-Patch soll vor dem Start von Saison 19 erscheinen. Damit sollen einige Probleme und Fehler aus Patch 2.6.7 behoben werden, genauere Details folgen noch.
  • Nach dem Balance-Patch wird die aktuelle Ära erneut zurückgesetzt.
  • Aktuell wird an einem Blog für das Levelcap für große Nephalemportale und den Gedanken der Entwickler für die Spielbalance gearbeitet.


  1. This one’s important. Nerf Bazooka - You guys moved the timing around but the bug is still there. If you want to move the game away from speed 150’s you still have work to do on Wizard. The interaction between Archon and Starpact is clearly broken. I say that as someone who has played Wiz for several seasons in a row and used it extensively. It’s broken. We used it because you said it was OK for us to use. But we all knew it was too powerful. Either buff 2-3 other trash clearers to the same level or kill it. You don’t have a choice really.

  2. Nerf Blighter / Thorns. Blighter is still busted on Thorn procs. No one wants to feel like they have to spawn this boss to get a good clear time.

  3. Inter class balance, Barb / Monk is still undertuned compared to the rest (and I’m not talking about likely exploits you guys let slip to live, there’s a bug report already on Fjord Cutter for Barbs).

  4. Reset the Era Leaderboard properly. You reset the LB then let everyone register clears to the new leaderboard using the old patch. I don’t have to tell you why that’s messed up.

  5. Crusader doing 150 solo, 150 2 player, 150 3 player. If the goal is to move everyone to farm 150 in all game modes then ok. Otherwise this is clearly overtuned.

I mean no ill will with my post. Just want to point out that these issues are still here, and plaguing the game. We, the community, always point this stuff out to you because we care. If you need help testing this stuff we’re always happy to help.

Antworten von Community Managerin Nevalistis:

  1. Bazooka - we definitely consider this an issue (as I’m sure you can see from our last change), but it’s proving trickier to address than we anticipated. While Bazooka is harder to execute now, we don’t like that a build more or less requires macros to use effectively. This is something we want to address, but it’s looking like that will be a longer term process beyond 2.6.7.
  2. We did make a change to Blighter for this reason in 2.6.7. If this wasn’t enough, we’ll continue to re-evaluate.
  3. We’ll be releasing a small balance patch between now and the start of Season 19 to address some of the balance concerns the community has brought to us. Still getting the final details on exactly what this entails. Stay tuned.
  4. Because we’ll be releasing a small balance patch, we’ll be resetting the Era again. We’re just waiting for that to happen first. ?
  5. See point #3. This is also one of our areas of concern. We don’t want to “nerf it to the ground,” but we do want to pull it back. If AoV continues to need adjustments afterwards in either direction, we’ll keep looking at it in the long run, too. Sometimes finding the right balance takes us a few tries, and we appreciate your patience with us while work to get things where they need to be.

I know it doesn’t always look like we listen or act immediately on feedback, and we can’t always act this fast; we’ve had a lot of conversations over the past couple of days regarding 2.6.7 and the areas where we could improve. Having a larger gap between patch and Season launch is serving us well in this regard.

Lastly, I want to mention I’m working with the development team on a blog that focuses on Greater Rift Level Cap and our philosophy/approach around game balance. I think there’s some context the community is missing in our approach, and we want to explain this better and more clearly—it’s just going to take some time for me to put that communication together. I’m not trying to be mysterious; I just want to make sure we’re taking the time necessary to make things clear.

Quelle: Blizzard

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